The Transport Model Guidance and Checklists


Preliminary transport model design tasks: model specifications, travel, person and household segmentation, data collection, travel surveys, model estimation

Transport model development guidelines and checklists

Conference papers on specific transport modelling issues

Links to transport modelling guidance and technical references

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The model development process will involve some of the following tasks:

  1. Travel Survey and Other Transport Data Processing
  2. Preliminary data analyses to refine the transport model design
  3. Land use, economic and other transport model input data
  4. Transport model zone system
  5. Public and private transport networks
  6. Car ownership model
  7. Trip end models
  8. Trip distribution and mode choice models
  9. Commercial vehicle forecasting
  10. Time period factors and peak-spreading
  11. Public and private travel assignment
  12. Transport model software implementation
  13. Transport model testing and validation
  14. Transport model forecasts
  15. Transport model reporting