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Airport surface access paper: this is about airport surface access and the provision of airport rail links. It considers whether a rail link to Melbourne airport could work in the context of European and American experience.

Transport model quality paper: this short paper is about what quality in transport modelling really means and how you can test for it.

No frills airlines paper: this is about the impacts of no frills (low cost) airlines in the UK.

Airport surface access transport models : this paper describes the suite of surface access transport models supporting the expansion plans for Stansted Airport.

Commercial vehicle modelling: this is a review of future directions for freight and commercial vehicle modelling in Australia.

Models for bus service planning: this paper describes a simple spreadsheet model for bus service planning.

Under-reporting of trips in household travel surveys: this paper discusses the magnitude of under-reporting from recent surveys comparing different survey methods including personal interview and self-completion.

A discussion of the possibilities for road pricing in Australian cities.

The process of developing transport strategies in New Zealand cities.

The Long Distance Travel Model for the Netherlands: the specification and application of LDTM are described.

Passenger Forecasts for the Paris-Brussels-Cologne-Amsterdam High Speed Rail Line Study: describes the application of LDTM to these forecasts.

The Nested Incremental Model: Theory and Application to Modal Choice.

Commuting in Australian cities (unpublished).