Task 3.1 Land Use Data


Preliminary transport model design tasks: model specifications, travel, person and household segmentation, data collection, travel surveys, model estimation

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For Wellington, an existing land use model developed by MERA was to be updated and the tasks mainly relate to this process. For this we took the advice of Dr Martin Bell of University of Queensland. The sub-tasks were as follows.

The existing transport model
The new transport model zone system

  1. Specify the land use data required for the transport model. An example is given here.
  2. Review the existing land use model and agree the process of updating it: (i) from a basis of the 1996 census to the most recent 2001 census, (ii) for the revised model zone system and (iii) for the changed demographic and employment segmentations.
  3. Validate the updated land use model and agree all further changes.
  4. Specify how the required cross-classification between person and household types is to be forecast. [Refer to the family structure model discussion in the Trip End task.]
To the new transport model zone system: Report