Task 5 Public and Private Transport Network Descriptions


Preliminary transport model design tasks: model specifications, travel, person and household segmentation, data collection, travel surveys, model estimation

Transport model development guidelines and checklists

Conference papers on specific transport modelling issues

Links to transport modelling guidance and technical reference

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The scope of these tasks assumes that there are existing transport network descriptions which are to be reviewed and updated:
  1. Review and audit transport network descriptions
  2. Upgrade base year road network data
  3. Upgrade base year public transport network data
  4. Upgrade future year road network data
  5. Upgrade future year public transport network data
Andrew Murray contributed to these specifications.

The work on the transport networks and assignment for the Auckland transport model was more extensive, combining both the transport networks (Task 5) and assignment (Task 11) activities. The specific tasks described are:
  1. Task 5.1 Network Inventory Data
  2. Task 5.2 Develop Road Networks (Links)
  3. Task 5.3 Develop Road Network Delay Modelling
  4. Task 5.4 Develop Peaking Factors
  5. Task 5.5 Develop Motorway Delay Procedures
  6. Task 5.6 Auto Access Functions
  7. Task 5.7 Design of Private Vehicle Assignment
  8. Task 5.8 Implementation and Testing of Private Vehicle Assignment
  9. Task 5.9 PT Travel Time Functions
  10. Task 5.10 Park-and-Ride
  11. Task 5.11 Design of PT Attributes and Assignment
  12. Task 5.12 Develop PT Networks (Links)
  13. Task 5.13 Coding of PT Services
  14. Task 5.14 Implementation and Testing of PT Network and Assignment
  15. Task 5.15 Networks and Assignment Report